2021 Seminar Dates Coming Soon!

1. Intro Into Man-tracking Seminar

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The Huffman K9 Intro into Man Tracking seminar will be an introductory training course focusing on teaching the “blueprint” for man tracking in both Wilderness and Urban environments. The course will take place over two full Sundays, spaced two weeks apart.  This allows us to teach and demonstrate techniques that can be practiced by students over the following 13 days.

Day one will consist of a two hour classroom session followed by 6-8 hours of wilderness tracking practice. Day two will Immediately jump into urban tracking, meeting in downtown Portland.

Handlers will learn to develop tracking K9 capabilities in different ages of K9’s, develop tracking effectiveness and maintain capability, unique considerations for tracking in both an urban and rural/wilderness landscape, translate the fundamentals of science behind scent signatures into tracking performance, learn how tracking teams can be beaten, learn basic leash handling skills to increase tracking performance and how to read changes of behavior in your K9 and adjust search strategy.  Each day will be dedicated to working directly with each handler and each dog present in the course.  Each member of the course will have an opportunity to observe each of the other handlers and dogs – and presented with an opportunity to learn from each other’s successes and issues.

  1. Saturdays, March 13 & 27 • 9-6 PM
Cost per student: $250

3. Bite Work Seminar

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The Huffman K9 bite work seminar will be a comprehensive training course focusing on bite development, bite targeting, and the emotional state your k9 is in prior to and during bite. 

Instructors will implement situation-based training events to first assess your dog, allowing prescribed training that will further your dog in its protection career and fix issues (i.e. environmental stress, handler stress and decoy confrontation issues).  Dogs will develop better targeting, a deeper “punching in” bite, increase confidence while handling greater levels of environmental, emotional, physical and mental stressors.

Handlers will learn to recognize the dog’s emotional state and how to increase the dogs resilience to stressors, increase their confidence and continue to develop their dogs protection or apprehension performance.  Handlers will learn to utilize tools like dog kits (Harness, Collars, Leashes, etc) to facilitate further training and continue the K9’s path to success.

  1. Saturday & Sunday, September 25 & 26 • 9-6 PM
Cost per student: $350
Audit student Cost: $100