Jax & Butters Litter: June 10th Due Date

Butters (left) and Jax (right) are expecting puppies due on June 10th. If selected for a puppy you will be informed after puppies arrive and a deposit of $500 USD will be collected. This deposit will be applied towards the total cost of the puppy, which is $2,000 USD. Both parents are owned by Huffman K9 Obedience and are on site for you to see and visit with. For videos of both parents working please visit our Facebook page.

Total Cost (USD)

Jax (Sire): 5 year old male Belgian Malinois.

Resume includes enforcement contract work, private security, PTSD service dog, apprehension, tracking/trailing and explosive ordnance detection (9 odor). Jax is stable, kind and has a very high drive. Previous puppies from Jax have gone on to have gone on to be 5 oder detection dogs, PTSD service dogs, personal protection dogs, and work in private security.

Butters (Dam): 2 1/2 year old female AKC registered Belgian Malinois.

Resume includes 5 odor detection dog (narcotics / contraband), personal protection dog, tracking and trailing, and therapy dog. Butters an incredibly well balanced dog. She can be trusted with children of all ages and yet still has the drive needed to make an incredible working dog.